Life was never meant to be a struggle;  life was meant to unfold from its source in pure awareness



No More Harvard Debt

I put together a short and simple film about the challenge. It’s only four minutes long and I made it in Movie Maker–the free movie-making software.

The style of the film follows that of The Amish Project that I blogged about in January. I was struck by the power of the film and even back then, I toyed with the idea of doing a video about my own story using the same concept.

One of my HBS classmates who lives here in Austin was a film major in undergrad and he wanted to turn my challenge into a documentary; he took the footage that I’ve used in this short film. We did a lot of filming in the first month, but a lot of that footage got corrupted and we  decided to stop filming after month one, so there won’t be a documentary.

I hope you enjoy it!

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